Construction Technique India are crafts people with the knowledge, skills and experience to return usability to older structures while helping them meet the requirements of the 21st Century.

CTPL founded in 1992 is a firm specializing in the restoration, preservation and adaptive re-use of period structures.

Our clients have included Museums, Palaces, Architects, Historical societies, colleges , institutions building and Homeowners. As varied as our clients, so are their projects. Together with a proactive management team, incorporating the latest technology, time-honored skills and traditional materials we offer a comprehensive service in order to secure a future for our past.

It has been our goal to balance passionate interest in historic preservation with level-headed professionalism. Years of successful projects and satisfied clients are testament to the goal.

At Construction Technique... our philosophy is that every detail of the details, craftsmanship and history of a structure is an important part of the region's heritage. It is through the attention to these details that we reveal a rich past. Respect for the environment and our customer is a paramount concern. Attention to detail is also crucial.